Malcolm Bivens sets the record straight about the end of his WWE run

During his Malcolm Live At The Stand show, former WWE personality Malcolm Bivens addressed the end of his run with the company and brought up a report about Omos

“A lot of people want to know, ‘Malcolm, what happened?’ You know what they say, there are three sides to a story. Your side, the truth, and their side. So I gotta be real, I have to…I hate to say I have to control my narrative….Here’s the truth, there are a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation. Was I offered a contract in February? Yes. Did I say no to said contract? Yes. Was I offered to be with Omos? No. No one said a word to me about managing Omos. Was I told about the main roster? Yes. And people, they think I’m crazy, ‘Malcolm, you threw away millions, potentially, you walked away.’ Yeah. I did because I didn’t want to do it anymore. Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy. At Stand & Deliver, I had a conversation with the head writer and I told him so. Two weeks ago, I said the same thing, I told him, ‘I don’t think this was for me.’ That’s okay. Your happiness is not dictated by what people say you should do, happiness is dictated by what you think you should do. There’s a difference right?” (quote courtesy of