Malakai Black comments on people not liking him because he was “the chosen one” in WWE NXT

During an interview with Bobby Fish on the Undisputed podcast, AEW star Malakai Black reflected on his time as Aleister Black in WWE NXT…

“I remember when I was the ‘chosen one’ in ‘NXT’ and I did not have a lot of friends because they wanted to be the chosen one. I had a lot of people that did not like me because of it. I was just going like, ‘Sorry, guys.’ I didn’t do anything on purpose, but that was just the way the industry was at the time and what the machine picked at the time.”

“You and I both know that it is a rotating system throughout everything. No one owes anyone anything, and once you’re out, the business will be fine. No one’s bigger than the business, none of us are. I think, for me, that’s always kept me very level-headed… I was never really someone who strayed far from the path of this stuff because at the end of the day, this all will end… So I’d rather be remembered as a guy that was down to earth, for the most part, than someone who was inauthentic.” (quotes courtesy of