Malakai Black addresses rumors regarding his lack of singles matches in AEW

Malakai Black has not wrestled in AEW since The House of Black lost the trios titles to The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn at the 2023 All In PPV event. In regards to his lack of singles matches, Black said the following via Instagram…

“About a year ago or so, I made a video about rehabbing a back injury that I had, and the video shows the process of overcoming the injury, strengthening my back, etc. and after the video was posted, people got the idea that ‘oh he has a bad back and therefore a, b, or c’ which is not the case at all. And for some reason that has found its way back and again the narrative is ‘he’s not had singles matches because of the bad back etc., he nearly retired because of it.’ None of these things are true. Why am I not having singles matches? I don’t know. I think it’s because they really wanted us to do six-mans.”

“I was also not in six-mans to hide said non-existing injury. Again, rest assured I do not have a bad back. The reason why I’m at home right now is due to a minor injury, which is I had a slight calf tear and hyper-extension in my knee, which is almost nursed back and almost ready to go back on the road. I appreciate the concern, but the reality is I’m fine and you will see me sooner rather than later, but again, I appreciate the concern. (quotes courtesy of

Black’s last one-on-one match in AEW was over a year ago on the June 22nd 2022 edition of Dynamite.