“Major” main roster and NXT cuts expected following WWE’s merger with UFC to form TKO

On Tuesday, an official announcement was made regarding Endeavor’s merger of WWE and UFC into TKO.

WWE employee layoffs are expected to happen imminently and it now appears that there will be talent cuts as well. On Thursday, HausOfWrestling.com inquired about potential releases and Nick Hausman stated the following…

“We were told by a WWE source that ‘major cuts’ are expected to the WWE main roster and NXT brand. We were not explicitly told that the cuts would be coming tomorrow but were told they have been planned for some time.”

According to Hausman, a source also speculated that Endeavor could lay off company employees tomorrow and then wait to release talent at a later date. The idea would be to spread out the cuts in order to avoid having too much negative publicity at once. Hausman did note that both employee and talent releases could possibly happen tomorrow.