Longtime AEW executive is reportedly finishing up with the company at the Worlds End PPV

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, longtime AEW executive Rafael Morfi (Vice President of Live Events/Touring) has informed people that he will be finishing up with the company at the 2024 Worlds End PPV event. Morfi was responsible with various tasks including setting up the live event tours, booking buildings, local marketing and other logistical responsibilities.

Johnson noted the following…

“We are told Morfi informed AEW during their recent Montreal events that he would be finishing up with the company as of the Worlds End PPV on 12/30 in Long Island, NY as he has accepted a senior executive position with the Barclays Center in New York City (where Morfi resides with his family) and will be splitting his duties between booking sports and entertainment events at the arena as well as working for the Brooklyn Nets’ owners. One of the reasons for the move was the ability for Morfi to remain closer to family in NYC and not be on the road constantly. It was basically seen as such an amazing offer, there was no way he could pass on the opportunity. Internally, he will be missed and was well liked and respected.”

Morfi previously worked with WWE as well as TNA and House of Hardcore via his own company, Signature Move Productions. Morfi was said to have been a “key internal team member” involved with All In’s marketing in London, England. Morfi’s sports connections were also said to have helped AEW with setting up the Dynamite episodes at Arthur Ashe stadium.