Logan Paul goes into more detail about his WWE contract expiring and future with the company

As previously noted, Logan Paul revealed that he WWE contract is ending after Wrestlemania 39. While speaking to Ariel Helwani of BTSport.com, Logan went into more detail…

“I was contracted for a year to do two Wrestlemanias and, I think, five events … My life moves so fast and I don’t know what my stock will be in a year, and so it seems a little irresponsible to sign anything longer than year-long contracts. Like, I don’t know, what’s gonna happen in a year. Last year, at this time, I had no idea I was gonna be a full-time, or even like, almost full-time wrestler, as like a staple of my career. And now I am. So yeah, I don’t know. Hey, I mean, let’s be honest, brother, they’re gonna f**king renew my contract.” (quote courtesy of PostWrestling.com)

Logan has a special entrance planned for his Wrestlemania match against Seth Rollins and you can click here to see the rehearsal video.