Logan Paul gives his thoughts on Bad Bunny’s work in WWE so far

During his podcast, Logan Paul and Reggaeton artist Nicky Jam discussed Bad Bunny’s work in WWE so far. Here is what they had to say…

Nicky Jam: “He [Bad Bunny] is a smart-ass motherfucker. Because my mentality is a lot of white kids don’t know shit about Spanish music, but they know about wrestling, and when they see him wrestling, ‘Who’s this guy, man? Who’s this guy?’ Because it’s very important — he’s opening up to a new audience when he does that. He has cojones because I don’t think I could do shit like that. Get in the fucking ring, getting fucking slammed everywhere, and shit like that. I respect that. I think he’s smart. He doesn’t really have to do it because he already has his crew, he has his people, I forgot, but he’s making himself bigger and bigger, getting a bigger audience.”

Logan Paul: “This is what I say to people who are trying to compare me and Bad Bunny in WWE. I wrestled in high school. I did sports and athletics. I am a YouTuber, but I’m an athlete, bro. I was an athlete first. I can still surprise people because I’m a YouTuber, but I was an athlete first. Bunny is a musician, dude. He has no business being as good as he is, but he comes in there, and he crushes it.” (quotes courtesy of Robert DeFelice)