Logan Paul addresses backlash over WWE making a ring mat sponsorship deal with PRIME

On March 8th 2024, an official press release was issued regarding WWE’s global partnership with Logan Paul’s PRIME energy drink. There was some criticism from fans over the deal and memes have been created. During his podcast, Logan addressed the decision…

“One of the coolest moments of our life, you know. Major achievement, major milestone for our brand and the company. Getting that center ring spot is interesting. It’s getting…it’s more positive reviews, but I think the diehard wrestling fans are like — they’re really upset, man. It’s never been done, and Vince [McMahon] was always really protective of the mat and not putting any brands on it. But in this new era, which it is, no matter how you cut it, TKO is a publicly traded company, they got to meet a bottom line. That spot was going to be sold. We saw an opportunity, and potentially an opportunity to make people hate me even more, because I am a heel. And that’s kind of the angle I took. I was like, ‘F*ck y’all. I’m going to stamp everything about this with me so you’re reminded of just what my aim is: to take over in this company.'”

“If we don’t have this spot forever, which who knows what will happen, it’ll be someone else. And I promise you, if you’re a diehard WWE fan, you’ll forget about it. It’ll start to just be standard practice and I don’t think it’s going to be as distracting as y’all think.” (quotes courtesy of F4WOnline.com)