Liv Morgan shares story about a fellow WWE star farting in the ring during their matches

During an interview with Open Thoughts, Liv Morgan was asked if she ever farted during a WWE match. Liv said “no” but then mentioned Sarah “Valhalla” Logan…

“[Laughs] No, but oh my gosh, Sarah [Logan], sorry, I love you, but I had this tag team partner, Sarah. I was in a tag team called the Riott Squad, and she would fart in the ring all the time. It stinks, but you have to kind of just not react to it. But it’s like disgusting, you know, but you just keep it moving.

I’m not farting in the ring, but I’ve been farted on [laughs] in the ring, yeah. You can get spit on. A lot of things happen in the ring. People poop [laughs].” (quote courtesy of