Liv Morgan comments on what she has planned for after her wrestling career is over

During an appearance on the Twin Talk with Haley & Hanna Cavinder podcast, Liv Morgan talked about what she has planned for after her wrestling career is over…

“I have not started a business, but I have enrolled in classes to eventually become a realtor, eventually a broker, have my own brokerage. It definitely took a backseat to my training. I’m having a quarter life crisis of ‘I’m not doing enough with my life,’ so I picked up all these things. Real estate was one of them and I still want to follow through and finish with that, but I also opened up a soap business, and that’s doing really well, and I have a lot of fun with that. I’ve been taking acting classes, I’ve been auditioning a lot, and have kind of being dipping my hands in all these little pots to see what I can do.”

“Immediately, day after retirement, I’d like to be doing movies. I’ve been lucky enough to have some opportunities within WWE. I was in Chucky season two and I got killed by Chucky, which was a dream and amazing. It was so cool. I never get starstruck over anyone, but when I saw Chucky, I was so starstruck. I was able to participate in this movie called The Kill Room with Uma Thurman and Samuel L Jackson, which has yet to be released. I’ve had these opportunities, luckily while I’ve had WWE and their platform. Hopefully, one day, if I ever part ways, I mean, I will wrestle forever, I kind of have my foot in the door with acting, a little bit, and I hope to be able to do more of that. Then, my soap business, I have to expand that. Real estate is always in the back of my mind and that’s something I hope I can full on at the end of the day, regardless of any of these things.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)