Latest regarding possible future opponents for Roman Reigns

Even though there is an ongoing storyline with Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso on WWE Smackdown, Dave Meltzer of wrote that Reigns vs. Uso is currently not scheduled to take place at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Cesaro did ask for a Universal Title rematch at the HIAC PPV on last week’s Smackdown. However, Cesaro was attacked by Seth Rollins and it’s unclear if WWE plans on having Reigns face Cesaro again.

As previously noted, WWE is reportedly planning to have a “pretty big” main event for Summerslam since the show is likely taking place at a to-be-determined NFL stadium. The current rumor is that John Cena will be Reigns’ opponent for Summerslam with Meltzer writing the following…

“We do know people within the company have talked of Reigns vs. Cena as the match but nobody has confirmed it.”

Meltzer also brought up The Rock and Brock Lesnar as potential opponents for Reigns with The Rock’s schedule being a factor. The idea is that The Rock would saved for a Wrestlemania unless he had free time in the summer and wanted to do the match.