Latest news regarding WWE’s return to live event touring

WWE is currently scheduled to return to the road starting with the July 16th 2021 edition of Friday Night Smackdown. Here are some news items regarding WWE’s return to live event touring…

* The new sets for RAW and Smackdown have reportedly been designed and’s Dave Meltzer wrote that the pyro “will be the most impressive they’ve used to date.”

* Dave Meltzer confirmed that Jeff Hardy will be using his old “No More Words” entrance theme when touring starts up. In September of 2020, Hardy mentioned that being able to use the song again “was the deal for me re-signing.” According to, it’s currently believed that Hardy’s contract goes though at least the end of 2022.

* Dave Meltzer confirmed previous reports that FOX and NBC Universal have been suggesting ideas for themed television shows including tie-ins with the NFL and NASCAR. Meltzer noted that the discussion of new ideas is just beginning and wrote how he was told WWE President Nick Khan “is always going to be open to any ideas that bring in new revenue, add promotion to the product, synergy with other popular cultural entities and new packaging.”

* While it doesn’t necessarily mean anything, Edge is being advertised for Smackdown events after the Draft takes place.

* In regards to ticket sales, Money in the Bank in Fort Worth, TX is close to being sold-out. Summerslam in Las Vegas, NV has around 36,800 tickets out with a current capacity of 41,661.