Lance Archer hurt on AEW Dynamite due to landing on his head during moonsault

Lance Archer wrestled against Eddie Kingston in a World Title eliminator tournament match on the October 23rd 2021 edition of AEW Dynamite. Archer went for a moonsault but landed on his head and rolled to the outside of the ring. The referee and Doc Sampson checked on Archer and it appeared that the match was going to be called off but Archer got back in the ring. Kingston immediately rolled up Archer and picked up the win.

Jon Alba, who was in attendance for the show, had some encouraging news. Alba noted that Archer walked to the backstage area under his own power with Sampson and the referee by his side.

Archer sent the following messages after the match…

“I’ll live! Thank ya Lord”

“Listen. We choose to do this and take our health n lives in our hands every night. I’ve done that move hundreds of times over my career. Just under rotated. Coulda been MUCH worse. Thank you to ALL at AEW for taking AMAZING care of me and protecting me. I’ll BE BACK!”