Lacey Evans deletes tweet and Instagram story about autism after being called out

WWE star Lacey Evans shared a video on her Instagram story from conspiracy theory website InfoWars that claimed processed foods cause autism and ADHD. Screenshots of the story were taken and shared on Twitter which led to Lacey tweeting the following in response to being called out…

“I watched a video on the impact processed foods is having on our children and I shared the video. [shrugged shoulders emoji] yall are insane.”

Lacey quickly deleted the tweet as well as her Instagram story as she received backlash. Here were some of the comments from Twitter users…

Sean Ross Sapp: The stuff you’re sharing on Instagram is so irresponsible, stupid and hurtful. Do better than that, please. You have over a million followers and peddling misinformation to that level is borderline hateful whether you intended it to be or not.”

@trulyadriana: “FUCK Lacey Evans fr because it’s this kind of thinking that puts people in danger. The reason it wasn’t “common” back then is because people simply didn’t know much about it. People were either misdiagnosed or institutionalized. Like do some research.”

@TempestWT: “When I say I do not care for Lacey Evans it is because of shit like this. Jaxson Ryker in a fucking dress.”

@BenGmHarris: “Lacey Evans is a piece of shit. Just decided to reveal on her IG story that she’s an autism denier. Awful person who I’ll feel zero sympathy for when she gets fired after her tenth gimmick change fails once again.”

@Wobias1337L: “Lacey Evans being an autism denier isn’t surprising. It’s just really really shitty. As someone with an autistic family member, seeing her completely dismiss a serious neurodevelopmental disorder really pisses me off.”