Lacey Evans comments on potentially making a comeback in wrestling

During an interview with Carlo Perruzza, former WWE star Lacey Evans reflected on her run with the company and a potential comeback in wrestling…

“It was incredible. I love the WWE. It was awesome. I invested so much money in properties, and I’m doing great. I appreciate everything that I have gotten knowledge-wise and relationship-wise. But, from the beginning of my career, I’ve always wanted a family; I’ve always wanted a big family, I’ve always wanted to be a mom, I’ve always wanted to be a wife, and there was nothing that would ever come between that. Seven years ago, I was with the WWE. I was 33 when I finally got to get out of my…they wouldn’t even let me out of my contract, which was fine. You sign a contract; you give ‘em your word. So I had to wait until it ran out, and it ran out in August.”

“If there’s a company out there that will bring me in to kick ass and get my ass kicked, that’s great. But right now, we are focused on a lot. We have a lot of investment properties. We invested from all the blessings that WWE has given us. We have a construction company; my husband’s a general contractor, which we’ve ran prior to WWE. So we do a lot. We also teach our kids work ethic. We have Air BNBs; we have properties; and we have a cafe named after our girls. I homeschool; I take all that very serious.” (quotes courtesy of