LA Knight said to have nearly been fired from WWE because Vince McMahon “hated” the Max Dupri performance

After being released from WWE, Mace and Mansoor (Maximum Male Models) discussed their time with the company via Twitch. Here is an exchange they had in regards to working with LA Knight who was aligned with them as Max Dupri…

Mace: Who do we have heat with?

Mansoor: LA Knight. Should we shoot on LA Knight? Mr. big star getting his hand raised by John Cena. Mr. most over man in the company. Fair play. You really made it work. You did it. [Sarcasm]

Mace: Yes, congratulations. We started in the same place and we clearly went the wrong direction. The L is on us. [Sarcasm]

Mansoor: There is no heat with LA Knight. He was going to get fired. He was this close to getting let go because, for whatever reason, Vince [McMahon] hated his Max Dupri performance.

Mace: He wanted him to be softer.

Mansoor: Like a scummy agent. It was never the right role for him. I was always saying ‘let me be Max Dupri.’ I begged them. ‘Let me talk, let me be someone’s manager.’ I can talk, nobody knows that I can talk. It’s just not how it worked. No heat with him. He took the best of a really bad situation, strapped himself onto his own rocket, and shot up when nobody was helping him. (transcription courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)