LA Knight addresses his WWE King of the Ring tournament match not taking place on television

As previously noted, LA Knight defeated Santos Escobar at a live event on Saturday night in Chattanooga, TN. It was a King of the Ring tournament match and Knight will go on to face Tama Tonga in the next round.

Some fans criticized the decision to have tournament matches take place at live events instead of on television. Twitter/X user @thenewageicon wrote, “what a shame that 2 of the most popular names in each tournament were delegated to house show advancement to appease… Chattanooga?!?? We wanted TV matches!”

Knight issued a response to the fan…

“I appreciate everyone saying this match should’ve been on TV. But, no need to throw live event crowds under the bus. Live events are where the @WWE roster has as much fun as possible. Not only having a great match, but a match with HUGE stakes makes the live events more fun!🚀”