Kurt Angle opens up about threatening messages he sent to Vince McMahon

During The Kurt Angle Show podcast, Kurt Angle talked about the end of his WWE run in 2006 and how he acted towards Vince McMahon…

“Up until 2006 we were pretty close but my behavior became erratic. I started behaving out of control, sending Vince text messages threatening to beat him up. I had the painkiller problem that nobody knew about, I was injured so much and I couldn’t take any time off because a lot of the other talent were injured, a lot of the top guys. I was kind of there to keep the product intact and mentally I was just losing it. I was texting Vince more and more and he wouldn’t respond and that pissed me off even more. After I joined ECW it got even worse.”

“[I sent those texts] because he wouldn’t get back to me. I understand why now, I wasn’t making any sense. When I went to a meeting with Vince after I decided to leave after ECW 2006, he had a whole list of text messages and I’m reading these saying ‘Gosh, I don’t remember texting this.’ It was really graphic, ‘I’m going to beat the sh** out of you.’ Some of the texts didn’t make sense, I was probably high on painkillers when I was sending them, it was just ridiculous. I was in awe, I remember looking at these texts going holy crap, I don’t remember saying any of this stuff. It was just a bad situation.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)