Kurt Angle not ruling out the possibility of coming back for “one last match”

During a Q&A on AdFreeShows.com, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle commented on his health and the possibility of one more match…

“I’m not gonna lie to you. [The thought of a return] comes across my mind here and there every once in a while but I just had knee replacements. I’m in no position to think about wrestling right now. It’s been two and a half months since I had my knees replaced. Both at the same time. It’s a little rough doing both of them at the same time. But you know what I’m not gonna count out anything.”

“I’ve told so many reporters and people from the news that I was done but there is a chance that I might end up coming back. I don’t know when, but it’ll probably be for one last match. I guess I’m putting it out there tonight. I didn’t wanna do that until my knees got better but I’m not gonna lie to you. I think about it all the time. I possibly could [return], yes.” (quotes courtesy of Sportskeeda.com)