Konnan to Miro: “Worry about your career that seems to be the bigger joke here”

As previously noted, former WCW star Konnan said “stick to your nationality” in response to Konosuke Takeshita hitting a frog splash in honor of Eddie Guerrero on AEW Dynamite. AEW star Miro responded to Konnan with the following tweet…

“I bet you all that konnan, or whatever his name was, can’t last 10 sec with Takeshita.”

Konnan and Miro continued to trade public messages via Twitter…

Konnan: “it was a joke, cant believe u got worked..like im actually going to be mad, its sarcasm..listen to the show instead of being an echo chamber…#Rube”

Miro: “I wasn’t joking”

Konnan: “not sure why u inserted yourself into this convo esp after I told u it was a joke..did u listen to the show?, prob not..that Takeshita could take me wow what a brave take esp at this stage of my life..why don’t u worry about your career that seems to be the bigger joke here”

Miro: “Get well , brother. We all can be redeemed”

Konnan: “Dude, real talk. Was not a fan of the angry gamer but A fan of your last gimmick kick ass Miro w/fire promos. Hope 2 see that again. Plus not a good look 2 be Beefin’ 4 fans amusement for either of us. #allgood”