Konnan says people are “easily triggered” and “looking for sh*t to get mad about”

As previously noted, former WCW star Konnan said “stick to your nationality” in response to Konosuke Takeshita hitting a frog splash in honor of Eddie Guerrero on AEW Dynamite. During his latest podcast, Konnan addressed the backlash over what he said…

“This goes back to the wrestling journalism topic we had on K100 last week. I’ve never ever, ever seen, and please correct me if I’m wrong, all the sh*t we put over whether, whether it’s The Bloodline, whether it’s Sami Zayn, whether it’s MJF, whether it’s the match with Rush and Danielson, whether it’s The Lucha Brothers, or I’ve defended Tony Khan, but yet he gets mad over if I say something bad about the company, but he’s never said, ‘Hey, thanks for when people are trying to bury me and you come to my defense, even though you take a lot of sh*t.’ All I ever read is sh*t from SportsKeeda or other places. It’s clickbait. That’s all it is. I don’t even get mad. It’s clickbait and you fall for it and look, it trended. You were being worked. That’s dry humor. That’s wit. That’s sarcasm. That’s my steelo.”

“It’s incredible to me that it even got this much traction, but it shows me a couple of things. People are easily triggered. People are looking for sh*t to get mad about. There’s obviously people that don’t like me so this was a good excuse for them to just pile on. If you see some of the Twitter feeds of the people that listened to the show, they were like, ‘They don’t understand your humor’, because I can guarantee you 80% of the people did not hear the show, and they don’t know the context, and they don’t know my humor, or when Disco gets attacked, his humor. The worst part is, is that since they don’t listen to the show, and all they ever do is use clickbait, you think the show is super negative because all they read is negative sh*t. So everybody’s got the same opinion that don’t listen to the show. ‘Oh, they’re washed up. They’re trying to be relevant, they’re haters’, whatever the sh*t is. That’s why anytime I see something in the news, I go, let me hear it first, because I don’t know how many times I’ve read something, and then for not listening to it, I didn’t get the whole context. I’m like, ‘Well, this isn’t what they meant.'” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)