Konnan provides backstage details about Ric Flair’s appearance at AAA TripleMania

During his recent Keepin’ It 100 podcast, Konnan talked about Ric Flair’s appearance at the AAA TripleMania event

“Like I always said, one of life’s tragedies is we get old too soon and wise too late. I think when I was young, I wasn’t the humblest cat in the world either. To me, it was a no-brainer. Originally we were going to bring up Andrade with this Mexican singer that’s mega popular and then that fell through. He had told me that maybe Ric was going to come with him to the show but as a guest just to watch it. That’s when I first thought, ‘If he’s coming in as a guest, why doesn’t he just be your second?’ He asked him and he said, ‘Yea.’ That was it. He was just going to be his second.”

“Basically, I thought if Flair comes out, that would be cool because nobody is expecting it. It was funny because I told him when they were on the plane, I told him to make sure when he gets to the airport, because there are fans at the airport, the foreigners usually come in the day of, and they know what hotel you stay at now, so make sure you wear a hat, and a mask, a jacket or something. He said he doesn’t want to wear the jacket. He’s in a pink shirt. He’s got gold chains on. I said, ‘That’s Flair.’ Once I knew he was the second, I actually asked Andrade if he could ask Flair if he would be fine with chopping Kenny and chopping me. He said, ‘Yes, he can do that.’ When we got to the dressing room, he was in his suit with the chains, full Flair, and he has a good memory. He was telling me about our match at Bash at the Beach. He said Charlotte was there. His son was there. He was giving me all these details that I don’t even remember. He’s still lucid. Then he broke out into Hindu squats in a suit. He started stretching in the back with Andrade. He looked like he was ready to go. That’s when I thought, ‘Let me throw this on you. Would you be willing to do the figure 4? Will you both put a figure 4 on us, and they said, ‘Yea.’ I thought, ‘That’s going to pop for sure.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)