Konnan gives his thoughts on who was responsible for the decline of WCW

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, former WCW star Konnan gave his thoughts on who was responsible for the decline of WCW…

“I never thought it was Hulk Hogan. I always thought it was [Scott] Hall and [Kevin] Nash. As a matter of fact, I said Eric [Bischoff] hitched his wagon to Hogan instead of the other guys ’cause they were the ones coming up with the cool ideas. They were the cool factor. He’s [Hogan] the one that said, ‘Bro, I’m getting booed. I’ve got to do something to resurrect my career.’ Kevin Sullivan and Eric were the ones that convinced him [to turn heel]. They had to sequester him to make sure he didn’t change his mind or somebody got in his ear, whatever was going on.”

“To me, when they fired X-Pac — ’cause I was there, I was friends with them — and they were sitting in the arena, and they were hot as a motherfu**er. They had shirts on, like button-down shirts, and they opened up their shirts and they had WWE shirts. They were willing to go up in the fu**ing ring, open up their shirts show WWE, and support X-Pac. When Eric fired X-Pac, they took their ball and went home — meaning, they were not giving any more ideas, they weren’t coming in on time, they weren’t playing anymore, and just the jealousy and everybody cutting each other’s throats. And Hogan always looking up for himself, that was part of the reason.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)