Kevin Owens names celebrity that he would like to have a match with in WWE

While speaking with, Kevin Owens commented on if there were any celebrities he would like to have a match with in WWE and here was Owens’ response…

“Matthew McConaughey came to one of our shows a few years ago and really seemed to enjoy himself. After that, I read an interview where he said his kids are really big fans, and he’s a big fan and would like to do something in the ring eventually. He’s one of my favourite actors. I would love to get to mix it up with him in some way because I think he’s really cool, and I think he’d do great here, actually.”

“Y’know, there are people from the outside, celebrities, who come in with a great attitude and have a great experience. Johnny Knoxville’s been one of them, Logan Paul; those guys have the right mindset when they come here. I think Matthew McConaughey would come in with the same kind of energy, so I would love to get the chance to do something with him.”