Kevin Dunn’s absence from WWE Survivor Series 2022 said to be a “pretty big deal backstage”

It was first reported by that Kevin Dunn (WWE Executive Vice President, Television Production) was not present for the 2022 WWE Survivor Series PLE. According to the site, Dunn was absent because “he took a vacation for Thanksgiving week and everyone noticed because Kevin Dunn doesn’t miss major premium live events.”

Dave Meltzer of had a followup on the story and wrote the following…

“While the idea of Dunn taking a vacation would feel to me to be a non-story, internally we were told it was a pretty big deal backstage at the show that Dunn would miss a PPV event. The talk backstage, and we were told it was heavily talked about but one of those things where there was no evidence either way, is the idea of viewing War Games as a JCP/WCW concept and he’s been around like Vince [McMahon] in fighting that war and thus has a different viewpoint on it than Paul Levesque [Triple H] who grew up a fan of JCP.” reported that Brian Fadem ran the production truck at Survivor Series.