Kevin Dunn reportedly spoke during WWE talent meeting prior to Smackdown

As previously noted, Triple H held a short meeting with WWE talent prior to the January 13th 2022 edition of Smackdown Green Bay, Wisconsin. According to Fightful Select, Kevin Dunn also spoke at the meeting and denied that Vince McMahon will be making any creative changes. Fightful noted the following…

“He said that he’d worked for Vince McMahon for 40 years and since coming back Vince hasn’t said a peep to him about making changes. We had heard that Vince had made suggestions regarding other departments, but that it wasn’t implemented.”

Talent has reportedly been “very worried” about Vince returning to creative at some point. On another note related to Vince’s return and Stephanie McMahon’s resignation, Stephanie was said to have been “disheartened and frustrated” about her team was dismantled by Vince. Fightful added that there are also rumors Vince “sent word to some departments to say they’re doing things wrong since his return.”