Kenny Omega gives an update on his recovery from injuries

Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega has been out of action since the November 2021 Full Gear PPV due to various injuries. During an interview with’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Omega commented on his recovery…

“The plan of course, and perhaps I was a little too optimistic, I was hoping to be back by February. It’s not looking that way anymore. That’s not to say there was a huge snag or something that is terribly wrong, it’s not that. It’s just, trying to get appointments and things fixed, you have it in your brain, ‘Oh yeah, I can call a number and get in the next day.’ Unfortunately, there are sometimes waiting lists or other complications which create follow-up appointments and things like that, and the whole COVID thing, which has backed everything up by two weeks or so. That’s caused me to missed appointments, which caused me to re-book and that extends the time. That part of the recovery process is always really goofy. It’s still on track. I’m still feeling a little bit better as time goes by and that’s without having to do major procedures that need to be done. That’s just working with trainers and doing the proper rehab to strengthen surrounding areas of the injured areas of the body.”

“The hernia is absolutely something I want to get taken care of now. The last thing I want to do is…doctors are telling me, ‘you have the umbilical hernia, it’s going to get real bad eventually and you’re going to have to get it taken care of, but you can let it rip for now.’ I would hate to come back and let’s say something happens where it just tears wide open and my intestines are spilling out everywhere. It would suck to take this time off, come back, and immediately go, ‘No, I need this other surgery now.’ I want to get it done now. To be able to walk around and live life, it’s like a five-day process. To be able to take impact on the abdomen area, it’ll take six to eight weeks before I should be doing it or before I get cleared to do it. Maybe my healing factor would kick in and it could be quicker, you have to listen to the doctors at that point. As of right now, that’s going to be the longest recovery time I have to deal with. As soon as I get that taken care of, once that eight weeks is up, that’s probably going to be about the time when I make my return. In the interim, I have various knee treatments coming up.” (quotes courtesy of