Kenny Omega comments on being ranked #1 in the PWI 500 for 2021

During an appearance on The PWI Podcast, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega commented on being ranked the #1 wrestler for 2021 by the publication…

“For me, as difficult as it was to reach the number one spot in 2018, I played to my strengths completely in that year,” Omega said. “All of those matches, those were in my wheelhouse. That’s what I do best. I do New Japan style main event matches best. That’s easy for me. Physically demanding, taxing, yeah. Grueling, yes, but if I were to choose one style that I truly excel at, it was that, and in this year, I really stepped outside of my box.”

“I’ve really stepped outside of my own comfort zone, and not only that, but everyone else stepped up their game too. It’s fantastic that I don’t feel like, no matter how I look at it, I didn’t run away with it. I don’t think I was number one by far. I think the best part about this year, especially, is you could have went in multiple directions and no one would be disappointed. I feel that, up until his unfortunate injury, number one could have been Will Ospreay. Number one could have easily been Shingo Takagi. Number one could have easily been Roman Reigns.”

“Everyone had such a strong year. So I feel, depending on who you are and what you like in professional wrestling, you know, maybe that’s your number one. But I’m not gonna lie, for you guys to select me as number one, I’m happy with it. I’m cool with it, but it was a tough one this year and tough one, great learning experience, and it’s something I’ll never forget.” (quotes courtesy of