Kenny Omega addresses claim that he was responsible for the F5 being named “Diverticulitis” in Fight Forever

As previously noted, Kenny Omega announced that he is out of action “indefinitely” with what was reported as diverticulitis.

Some fans took the news about Omega as “karma” because Brock Lesnar’s F5 move was called “diverticulitis” in the AEW Fight Forever video game. Lesnar was diagnosed with diverticulitis in late 2009 and had surgery.

While Omega was involved in the game’s production, he wrote the following in response to a fan that claimed he came up with the “diverticulitis” name for the F5…

“Wtf you talking about? Even if I were in charge of EVERYTHING in game dev, I didn’t even know this name existed. I was creative lead in the early stages. That’s it. CAW move lists ain’t part of that. But sure, I deserve everything I get and worse.”