Keith Lee opens up about his debut with AEW and says he is ‘truly back’

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Keith Lee talked about his debut with AEW

“That first debut was something that was almost overwhelming because, there was a certain amount of freedom that came with it, and also a reality that, regardless of things going on, I’m truly back and available to do what I enjoy. The reality is, we can say I’m now a professional wrestler, but the reality is, I’ve always been a professional wrestler. I was never some chosen guy…I’ve always earned my way in any organization I’ve ever been a part of. That’s probably the most exciting prospect for me, earning my way to an AEW World Championship.”

“When I debuted for AEW, I had forgotten what it was like to hear them when they recognized it was me. Those are the moments I look forward to, the excitement of the people and what they bring. Being in your home state is something very special. I’m looking forward to all those returns, the new battles, the opportunities and earning my way through things and rebuilding a brand…I don’t feel like it’s broken or busted…I feel like it was somewhat marred and putting that stamp down of dark, bold ink of ‘this is who Keith Lee is.'” (quotes courtesy of