Kayla Braxton says there is a “special place in hell” for people that create “false headlines for clickbait”

As previously noted, WWE announcer Kayla Braxton has disabled her Twitter account after receiving some negative messages from fans. Kayla later went on her Instagram story and wrote the following message…

“There’s a special place in hell for the pieces of [poop emoji] & who create defamatory and false headlines for clickbait. You care more about the pennies you make from your trash publications than you do about the mental health of the person you’re slandering. And to the consumers of said trash publications, stop being sheep and do your own research instead of reading the headlines, spreading the false info and adding to the problem. I’m about to totally leave the internet.”

In a video, Braxton elaborated further on the matter. Braxton brought up how she joked about Yale students being “nerds” and there was later a headline that read, “Kayla Braxton Trashes Ivy League Yale Students On Their Own Turf.” Braxton said she still appreciates the people that send positive messages and aren’t “dicks” to her.