Kayla Braxton comments on her final night with WWE at the 6/28/24 edition of Smackdown

Last weekend, Kayla Braxton issued a statement announcing her departure from WWE. Kayla’s final night with the company was at the June 28th 2024 edition of Smackdown. After the show ended, Cody Rhodes brought out Kayla in front of the fans and there was a “thank you Kayla” chant.

Kayla commented on her sendoff via Instagram…

“I’m so overwhelmed. So thankful. Wow. I still can’t put what last night meant to me into words. But to have @americannightmarecody buying me out into MSG to bid my farewell to all of you while @tripleh and members of my WWE family were waiting for me in the back to congratulate me.

I couldn’t have asked for a better goodbye. This family is truly special and I plan to always be a part of it. I love you all more than you know.”