Karrion Kross opens up about working with Jeff Hardy in WWE

With the news of Jeff Hardy’s release from WWE coming out, a video was published on Twitter of Hardy coming to the ring for a match against Karrion Kross with his old “No More Words” theme song. Kross responded to several fan comments regarding his matches against Hardy…

“This may surprise a lot of people but honestly- working with Jeff was a career highlight for me. Grew up buying all his shirts, love him as a human being. Had a ton of fun working house shows with him too. Him & I were hoping they’d play that song as he requested it back for fans.

Jeff and I didn’t know if they were going to play it. We were happy they did. He wanted it back for you guys.”

“I was happy for everyone that they played it. I knew it would enhance the seg. Also happy for Jeff. He’s far more creative than people realize or have seen. He’s got ideas and concepts that haven’t been played out yet. I’m pumped to see what he does next.”

“I loved my time with him and felt very honored. He was so much fun to work with- especially in the Carolina’s. Crowd was epic for him. I wish we had more time. We were trying to get an extreme rules tlc match going. We could have ripped the roof off (And proceeded to jump off through a table.)”