Jon Moxley told by a doctor that he has the arthritis of a 70-year-old man

During an interview with Bleav/ESPN 1530’s Rick Ucchino, AEW star Jon Moxley commented on the toll wrestling has made on his body…

“The doctor last year told me that I have the Arthritis of a 70-year-old man. And that was quite humbling. That was a year or two ago. So by now, it is like a 72-year-old man. I don’t move very well in the mornings. But once I get like, dude thank God shows are at night because by then I’m pretty loosened up.”

“If wrestling shows took place in the morning like Saturday Morning Superstars, if we started doing those early territory-style Studio TV Tapings on Sunday mornings I’d be… I would retire. I’d be done. Because a lot of times I can’t even move before noon.” (quotes courtesy of