Jon Moxley says maintaining his sobriety has been “f*cking hard”

During an interview with, former AEW world champion Jon Moxley talked about maintaining his sobriety

“It’s f**king hard. It’s not the same hell as before, but it’s a completely different challenge every single day where you don’t know what direction it might go in… I would love to give you like a positive, self-help book-type answer or something about f**king sunshine and rainbows and fairies and s**t, but that’s really not reality. It’s been good on the whole, it’s been good. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. But, you know, you will pay for it on the other side, your choices you make in your life.”

“[My daughter gives me] a motivation because you have a standard to live up to. Whatever I do, whatever choices I make, she’s going to see that. Or see that eventually as she gets older… Without Renee [Paquette], I couldn’t even tell you what my life would have ended up like. It’s probably the most fortunate thing to ever happen. God knows. I could be f**king buried in the desert in Vegas right now.”