Johnny Gargano returns to WWE on the August 22nd edition of WWE RAW

During the August 22nd edition of WWE RAW in Toronto, Johnny Gargano made his return to the company and cut a promo. Gargano, who had his old Rebel Heart music, received a big ovation and there was a “Johnny Wrestling” chant. Gargano ran down his NXT accomplishments but said he also had dreams of winning the main roster titles and competing at Wrestlemania. Gargano said if you work hard hard, you can accomplish anything. Gargano finished the promo by stating that he was betting on himself and “Johnny Wrestling” is back in WWE.

Theory interrupted Gargano’s promo and said he has been accomplishing the things Gargano dreamed of. Theory suggested that Gargano could carry his Money in the Bank briefcase for him but then Gargano laid out Theory with a superkick.