John Laurinaitis and Mark Carrano called “the two worst people on this planet” by a WWE Hall of Famer

During an appearance on’s WrestleBinge podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long reflected on his WWE television segments with former company executive John Laurinaitis…

“They were good because he didn’t know that I hated him in real life. He didn’t know it. I have no respect for a man that tried to stop me from feeding my family. A man that hated me for no reason. I’ve never done nothing to him. To come in my face and laugh and grin, it’s just unreal man.”

“I had the opportunity with one of the referees, that me and him rode together. I’ll leave the name out. He came and told me exactly what he was making as a referee. He was making more money than me and I’m the General Manager running this company (in the storyline). That was all Laurinaitis’ deal. Like I told you, him and Mark Carrano [former Senior Director of Talent Relations] are the worst two people on this planet.” (quotes courtesy of