John Cena set to team with Kevin Owens on the final WWE Smackdown of 2022

In the final segment of WWE Smackdown for December 16th 2022, Roman Reigns cut a promo about him and Sami Zayn teaming up against Kevin Owens and a partner of Owens’ choosing. John Cena ended up appearing on the big screen and revealed that he will be Owens’ partner for the match. With this match, Cena’s streak of wrestling every year in WWE since 2002 will continue.

Twitter account @WrestleTix noted that ever since Cena was first announced for the December 30th Smackdown, around 1,889 tickets were moved for the event in Tampa, FL. The account wrote the following…

“They’re adding new upper deck sections every few days as this one is moving fast since the Cena announcement. Very few names in wrestling can move tickets like Cena.”