Jim Ross gives his thoughts on Adnan Virk’s role with WWE

During his recent Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross commented on Adnan Virk signing with WWE as a play-by-play announcer…

“Nice guy, I’ve met him one time or two. He’s a nice kid, good fan, that will help him eventually but he’s finding out that this job ain’t easy. There’s big shoes to fill, it’s a key role. I just don’t look at RAW as the flagship show anymore, it used to be, but it’s not any longer. They’ve hung their hat firmly with FOX [and SmackDown].”

“Adnan did a nice job, he’s just in a tough spot man. Wrestling fans aren’t going to give him any breaks. None, and that’s unfortunate. Just give him time and let him settle into his role and do his storytelling. You got to have chemistry with your partners, your partners have to have talent and they got to understand how to take care of you. No matter if he’s a big fan or not, he’s got to adjust. He was at ESPN, MLB, he’s got broadcast experience which I’m sure helped him get his gig.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)