Jim Ross comments on the 2021 All Out PPV and AEW’s current momentum

During a recent edition of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross talked about the 2021 All Out PPV and AEW’s current momentum…

“I know if it’s the best pay-per-view ever because I don’t know how you judge those things. If your opinion says that All Out was the best pay-per-view you ever saw, then that’s your opinion and you have the right to it. I thought the only pay-per-view that I had more fun and was exliriating and full of emotion – the feels were there – and I’ve done a lot of great shows and was involved in a lot of great shows, but I think WrestleMania 17 is the closest thing for me for the emotional investment of that broadcast. I don’t know what that all means, but I had a hell of a good time and thought the show was excellent and well-booked. Tony Khan is a good booker. Somebody has got to realize he’s really, really smart. I sat down the other day on the airplane and made some notes on potential CM Punk opponents – there’s a year’s worth at least and that’s not counting returns. Phil’s not gonna wrestle week, obviously, nor should he or anybody quite frankly. You want to keep everybody fresh as you can.”

“It’s been a really exciting time for us in AEW. The one thing about this crew, they’re seeing what hard work can result in for the fans and for them. They love the crowds. Can you imagine how many of those kids who came from the indies who we’ve been nurturing for over two years, how they feel when they’re able to display their skills in front of a big crowd? Not 300 people at an indie show or whatever – they’re loud and boisetrous, I get it, but there’s not the numbers there. These kids are living their dreams. I’ve had talent come up to me and say ‘I never knew it was going to be like this’ and that started with Punk coming back in Chicago that I’m not gonna forget any time soon. I’ve heard a lot of great pops – Austin coming back, Triple H [coming back], and I certainly hope he gets better and healthy for his and his family’s sake. It’s an interesting time to be a fan for sure. I hope these guys continue to work their asses off and we have all these potential matches coming up that are gonna be wonderful.” (quotes courtesy of 411Mania.com)