Jim Cornette shoots on Adam Cole’s run with AEW thus far

During his recent podcast, Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on Adam Cole’s run with AEW thus far…

“Adam Cole was one of the best performers in the business in NXT. I looked forward to his matches and interviews and now he’s doing bad skits with jobbers and mascots. And Adam, I don’t know why that you’re not embarrassed to be doing what you’re doing and interacting with these childish clowns, but you should be. You should be very embarrassed. And this is, he’s completely wasted. They’ve completely wasted Adam Cole.”

“I just saw something that said Kyle O’Reilly is not going to re-sign with NXT. And they’ve already got Fish. The only thing at this point, and they better hurry, because if they hurry up and we’re to reform the Undisputed Era and this fanbase would especially love it that this group was now as in their swimming pool. That will probably be the only thing that can rehab poor Adam Cole from being seen as another one of these silly play children. And they better do it quick because every week that he’s involved with this s***, it’s almost impossible to take him seriously now.” (quotes courtesy of Sportskeeda.com)