Jim Cornette gives his thoughts on the Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes match from AEW Dynamite

During his recent podcast, wrestling legend Jim Cornette discussed the Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes III match from the October 23rd 2021 edition of AEW Dynamite…

“Malakai Black hit a very pretty moonsault body block, and then Malakai Black pops up to his feet, and as does Cody Rhodes after he got planted with a moonsault body block, and grabbed Malakai Black for the Cross Rhodes for a two count. Suddenly, Malakai Black comes off the top with a great double foot stomp, and it looked safe too, it was very well done. Then he hit a German suplex, and then he hit his spinning kick he’s been knocking everyone out with. Cody takes it and falls into the ropes so he can’t be pinned but then, suddenly, Cody stood up and ran across the ring.”

“Black hits his finish and Cody sells it for ten seconds, and then he’s running again! They do this crazy sequence where they are just flipping and landing, and then Cody just hits 4 big moves and pins him flat in the middle. There’s no question that Cody Rhodes just beat him. It made it look like you took a hammer and beat him into powder with move after move. When the babyface hits four uncontested finishers and pins him, that guy just got beat. I’m not scared of this guy anymore.” (quotes courtesy of Sportskeeda.com)