Jey Uso believes that him and Jimmy “let the people down” at WWE Wrestlemania 40

During an appearance on the Gorilla Position podcast, Jey Uso reflected on his match with brother Jimmy at the WWE Wrestlemania 40 Saturday PLE…

“I just said this to someone. I kinda felt like we did let the people down. [Really, you feel that?] Yeah, man, cuz I wanted to go out there and have a straight up banger too. I wanted to do the wrestling part but let alone make sure the emotion part is there. It was just a time issue. You know what I’m saying? You just gotta play your position on the team. That’s what happened. I’m still happy though, uce, I got a singles match at WrestleMania with my brother. That’s a big picture. So, I’mma always have me and him in a face-off at WrestleMania. I’mma frame a picture, that’s always, it’s marked off our box. I just wish we could have went the way I know we can, but…”

“[Is that something that happens on the night? Like, do you find out just before your time is cut?] Oh, yeah. ‘Yo, yo, man, they went over this many minutes. Sorry, sorry, You know, it’s all good, you know. Just go out there and handle business.” (quotes courtesy of