Jeff Jarrett gives his thoughts on CM Punk returning to AEW for the debut of Collision

During his podcast, AEW star Jeff Jarrett gave his thoughts on CM Punk returning to the company for the debut of Collision…

“Collision. Hey, dude, think about that. Think about it. Just think about 5 hours of prime-time wrestling. It really is to me. Punk stepping back up into the game. and I don’t know Punk that well. But as a competitor and especially somebody with his track record of success — love him or hate him, if you don’t think that guy’s gonna show up with the uber ultimate game face on and want to tear the house down in whatever shape, form or fashion.”

“Folks, this is one of the reasons that not just myself but my father absolutely loved the business. Because yes, it may be scripted and it’s entertainment and everything that goes with this. But from a competitive nature, when the juices start flowing and you have something to prove — not necessarily to the locker room, I’m not saying that, not necessarily even to the fanbase. But when you have something to prove in your gut, to yourself that you want to do good. That a guy that could probably sit back and rest on his laurels? I just don’t see that happening. And the spotlight is gonna be on Saturday night, and I say this with incredible anticipation: I cannot wait for Saturday night. For the red light to come on in the United Center and you hear the words, ‘Folks, welcome to the premiere of Collision.’ You don’t get an opportunity to do first many times in this business, but we will this Saturday.” (quotes courtesy of