Jeff Hardy comments on his “biggest challenge” of 2023 and addresses AEW future

Jeff Hardy appeared on his brother Matt’s podcast this past week and commented on his biggest challenge of 2023…

“My biggest challenge has been the eye surgery I had back in March with the double vision, so that’s still my biggest fear. I can see where I need to see [but] the double vision’s still there. For example, leaning back in the bed trying to watch TV, and even looking at the camera now, it’s doubled up on me a little bit, but to the left, where it all started, it’s pretty much gone.

I can see where I need to [be] in the wrestling ring and I just need to do more matches, more matches like [last Wednesday on ‘AEW Dynamite’] where I’m actually excited to go out there and perform. As long as we keep having nights like we had [Wednesday], man I’m super excited about the future of the Hardys, [and] doing something we’ve never done before.” (quote courtesy of