Jeff Hardy comments on a possible heel turn in WWE

During an appearance on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, Jeff Hardy talked about his current WWE run and was asked if he would be interested in turning heel…

“Yeah, yeah it does [being a heel interests him] but I don’t think I can — like when I did the Anti-Christ thing, I mean it’s really hard to make people hate me and I think it would be kind of like done in a different way but it would be definitely something I never really dove into before.”

“It is, yeah. It’s super weird because I know I’m not as fast as I used to be, especially since I broke my leg back in 2015 and ended up having knee surgery. I just can’t jump like I used to, and so yeah, things are a lot slower but it’s just cool, again, especially with the pain and what I’m wearing out there and when I see an action figure still, that never gets old. It’s just so cool. That makes all the time I put into painting my face worth it when I saw the action figure and I remember that image I had in my mind that day before I brought it to life. Just weird man, I’m doing my job and it’s my time to give back but I think there’s something that I gotta figure out as well and this is needed because I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna be wrestling but almost like a darker side of Jeff Hardy I think needs to kind of come out and I haven’t figured it out yet but I have these crazy ideas. I wrote down a few of ‘em, but yeah, it’s my time to kind of focus more on the character stuff instead of the high-flying moves and the TLC matches and all that stuff because I think there’s something that’s waiting to be unleashed within me.” (quotes courtesy of