Jay Lethal comments on if TNA Wrestling should bring back the six-sided ring

During a Highspots virtual signing, former TNA/Impact Wrestling star Jay Lethal commented on if the company should bring back the six-sided ring…

“I was happy they did that. You have no idea, I was happy. The next thing that needs to happen though is…the ring. That six-sided ring made them. It’s for the fans. It’s for them.”

“I didn’t mind it. It was a bit funky to get used to… I know the wrestlers may (not) prefer it, but if that’s the identity and the fans voted. They should put a vote to the fans.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)

TNA’s Scott D’Amore recently shot down the idea of the six-sided ring being brought back

“We’re happy to have conversations about how to make the product look the best, but one of the things, unwaveringly, that we’re not willing to negotiate on or compromise is the athlete’s health and safety. We’re going to be a four-sided ring.”