Jake Roberts feels that alcohol is a “gateway drug” and not marijuana

During the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Jake Roberts talked about substance abuse and WWE not allowing the usage of marijuana…

“I don’t think marijuana is a gateway drug. I think alcohol is. I’ll tell all the folks out there, I’m pro-pot, you know? I never got in a fight when I was smoking pot. I never got in trouble when I was smoking pot. I never wanted to do cocaine when I was smoking pot. But you give me a few Jack Daniels, brother, I want to fight and I want some sh-t to go down and I want some Godd-mn cocaine right now.”

“My routine, in the beginning, was beer, a little pot, a little sleeping pill. And then Vince [McMahon] came along and cut the pot out. Man, when he cut that pot out, that was tough, because we didn’t have a go-to thing to relax us now. We had to double up on the beer. Then a lot of us started taking different pills and that leads to problems. When start mixing your drugs, you’re going to kill yourself. That’s gotten a lot of guys. They start mixing them. They take a pill, they have a few beers, they pass out, and they wake up and they think ‘wait a minute, I didn’t take my pills!’ And they take more. That’s your danger zone. That’s when you’re flying into the fire, you know? And you can’t get away from that skillet, man. Once you get burnt, you’re in trouble. I’ve seen a lot of good people go down hard. Terry Gordy was probably one of the hardest that went down. He died on an airplane. And they brought him back, but they didn’t bring him back soon enough. Half his mind was gone. Terry was one of the greatest wrestlers ever, and there was a time he had to learn how to wrestle again, because he had forgotten everything, because of that incident.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)