Inner Circle vs. Pinnacle storyline continuing after Blood and Guts match?

During an appearance on’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Chris Jericho talked about the upcoming Blood and Guts match between the Inner Circle and The Pinnacle…

“This is not the end of the story at all, the beginning in a lot of ways and, you know, once again I like to book ahead, it’s more like writing the ideas and then knowing where we’re going. It’s one of the things about wrestling that’s really cool. It’s almost like connect the dots, because you know you have to hit this dot to do what you wanna do, but then you connect this dot and then this dot and then sometimes the lines aren’t as straight as you originally think. Sometimes there are twists and turns, but when you long-term book at least you know that this dot needs to be hit.”

“Blood & Guts was something that, in my original thought, was kinda the end, and then it was moved on to more of the beginning, so you kinda rearrange accordingly. I’m really excited about the ideas and the planning.” (quotes courtesy of