Impact Wrestling official comments on the latest WWE releases

During an appearance on the Sitting Ringside podcast, co-executive Vice President of Impact Wrestling Scott D’Amore commented on the latest WWE releases…

“Well, I mean the one thing is—I’m kind of curious about the fact that people seem to be shocked that this happened. If you look at it historically, this is exactly what happens. They do WrestleMania, they get through that and then they make some adjustments to their talent roster. But certainly, as I was sitting and working away from my patio table, since we’re all in a pretty much ‘work at home situation’ these days in this world, but my phone started lighting up I looked some up… and there is definitely some talent that I could see gracing an IMPACT Wrestling ring.”

“It’s always unfortunate when any talent gets let go, that’s one of the unfortunate sides of the business, it’s part of any business. To me—like so many of the people did last year… it’s a great opportunity for these people to take this setback and turn it into something cool and something that can propel them forward. So, I think it’ll be an interesting time over the next 90 days and we’ll see where everyone lands in July.” (quotes courtesy of